Civics Certificate

This certificate allows students to secure a greater knowledge of the underlying principles of the American constitutional system.

Through this certificate they will be able demonstrate a deeper understanding how the core ideas of liberty, equality, and self-government are reflect in the design of the Constitution and its major features such as federalism, separation of powers, and checks and balances. They will also learn how institutions including the Parties, Courts, Presidency, and Congress function within this system.

This certificate will be valuable for students planning to go law school, work in government, pursue a PhD in Political Science, or to teach American Government or Civics in K-12 education,

Program Purpose

The goal of the Political Science undergraduate program is to provide students with the finest liberal arts undergraduate experience in both theory and practice that resources allow.

The department fosters an environment of learning that leads to critically seeking a better understanding of politics both past and present. Further, students should be able to better understand the world they live in and make sound contributions to their community.

Program Requirements

The Political Science curriculum offers four separate tracks:

  • American Politics / Public Law
  • General Political Science Major
  • Global Politics
  • Public Administration

Students will select a course of study, or track, all of which are designed to prepare students for professional careers in the public or private sector, or graduate or professional study.

To earn a BA in Political Science, completion of a minimum of 36 semester hours in the discipline, of which 21 must be upper division, is required. At least 30 of the hours must earn a grade of C or higher. Each track has its own core requirements, as well as elective courses from which to choose. Not all courses are offered each semester.

  • BA track requirements and course descriptions
  • Political Science minor
  • Pre-Law minor