Welcome to the Department of Political Science

The goal of the Political Science undergraduate program is to provide students with the finest liberal arts undergraduate experience in both theory and practice that resources allow.

The department fosters an environment of learning that leads to critically seeking a better understanding of politics both past and present. Further, students should be able to better understand the world they live in and make sound contributions to their community.

Message from the Chair

The Department of Political Science is a scholarly community of teachers and researchers who strive to be experts in their areas of specialty and who serve the university and community with their knowledge.

The Department provides a comprehensive political science curriculum which:

  • Enables students to understand and write about political and legal questions of governance of global, national, regional, and local significance.
  • Equips its graduates for employment in private enterprise, government, or to pursue advanced degrees.
  • Provides non majors with a fundamental understanding of global, national, regional, and local politics.

Joshua Dunn, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Political Science