Civics Certificate

Civics Certificate

This certificate allows students to secure a greater knowledge of the underlying principles of the American constitutional system.

Through this certificate they will be able demonstrate a deeper understanding how the core ideas of liberty, equality, and self-government are reflect in the design of the Constitution and its major features such as federalism, separation of powers, and checks and balances. They will also learn how institutions including the Parties, Courts, Presidency, and Congress function within this system.

This certificate will be valuable for students planning to go law school, work in government, pursue a PhD in Political Science, or to teach American Government or Civics in K-12 education,

Required Courses

  • PSC 1100 The American Political System (3 cr)
  • PSC 2450 American Political Thought (3 cr)

Certificate Declaration Form Certification Completion Form

Elective courses: (students will select 2 courses from the following list) 

  • PSC 3030 Political Parties
  • PSC 3420 Political Theory
  • PSC 3450 Modern American Political Thought
  • PSC 3050 Race and Ethnicity in American Politics PSC 4390 The Presidency
  • PSC 4020 The American Congress
  • PSC 4025 Congressional Processes
  • PSC 4470 Constitutional Law
  • PSC 4480 Civil Rights and Liberties
  • PSC 4481 The First Amendment

All courses applied to the Civics Certificate must hold a minimum grade of B+.

Interested students should contact Steven Pittz,, about pursuing this certificate.